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You and your partner want a day full of remarkable experiences centered around nature and connection.

Maybe you and your soulmate roam through your hometown gardens then celebrating in your backyard with family and friends. Perhaps you ask a handful of loved ones to take a sunrise hike in your favorite national park and end the day with the most wholesome bonfire.

GET YOUR boots DIRTY, jump in a lake, eat cake at noon!  

love letters

- cassie & pat

Angelica was up for the adventure and took the most incredible photos of our private elopement. The pure, raw emotion she's able to capture in her photos is simply magical. Angelica's kind and  warmhearted.

“When she says she will climb a mountain for you, she means it very literally!”

-van & Kevin

Working with Angelica for our elopement was a dream from start to finish. When she says she will climb a mountain for you, she means it very literally! From an early 2 am start mountain climbing, then jumping on a canoe to row in a surreal turquoise lake, and ending late into the night by a fire. I'm still in awe of her stamina- her bright, infectious energy never diminished throughout the day.

"Angelica was able to capture our full authentic selves!"

- jane & marcel

I could not imagine a better experience or a better photographer!

"She truly captured the entire spirit of our wedding day and the love between us."

Let your imagination run wild! Proclaim your vows to your partner as the sunrises over the mountains. Set sail on a private afternoon charter as the wind brushes your hair. Feel the warmth of the sunset as you gather around the bonfire.

unforgettable experiences

tell tradition to take a hike!

If this is a once-in-a-lifetime milestone, then why cut corners? You deserve it all documented!

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Freedom of doing what you truly want to do.  Keep it local, hike through your favorite national park, or explore a European country together! 

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stewardship commitment

Absolutely! While I'm based in Northern New Jersey, I've traveled all around the USA and internationally to photograph wholesome couples! Ask about multi-day packages to cover more of the adventure! 

50% of the year is reserved for local Tri-state weddings. 
50% of the year is reserved for destination weddings and elopements. 

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Yes! Ensuring that we appreciate our gorgeous nature surroundings without disrupting wildlife, reducing waste, and being mindful of delicate species is top importance.   

Of course, check out all 90+ 5 star reviews here.

Over the years, Dawnpoint Studios is very proud of the positive, extraordinary experiences! 

My shooting style is strongly influenced by a documentary approach. Gentle, natural portraits with a skilled eye for emotion.

My editing style is a beautiful balance of timeless, close to life film features with a touch of golden warmness. Your photos will look phenomenal decades from now. 

Photographers are responsible for acquiring and filling out the proper paperwork to professionally and legally document your day.

I will acquire all legal permits needed.
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